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Pathological Clinic

The Pathological Clinic of SYNCHRONI POLYKLINIKI LARISAS operates in modern facilities to offer personalized medical approach to patients.


In this orientation the Pathological Clinic is supported by:

  • Top level specialized doctors, with long time experience, significant medical work on the sector of Oncology both in Greece and abroad, with active participation in international conferences and innovative research programs.

  • Specialized nursing staff, with deep knowledge of the multiple clinical, mental and social needs of patients.

  • Pain treatment section, focusing on controlling the pain and relative symptoms, applying techniques on the points where pain is located and deactivating it, hospitalization during the final stages of the patient.

  • Vascular surgery section, covering patients needs, especially oncology and nephrology patients, with significant experience on all cases of vessel access creation (implants, fistula, central vessel catheters).

  • Psychological support for long time suffering patients.

Pathological Clinic is dealing with:
  • Diagnosis and cure of all cases within the field of internal pathology to both visiting and hospitalized patients.
  • In terms of visiting patients, the clinic supports all cases of pathology related diseases.
  • Diagnosis, treatment and cure for all pathological diseases.
  • Precaution of pathological diseases and application of precautional medicine and pre-indicative control.
  • A high technology oncology section for chemotherapy is available in the clinic.
  • Support by a modern microbiological laboratory.
  • Fully equipped ambulances available for the transportation of patients.
Regarding the organizational function of the pathological clinic:
  • Briefing on the condition of the hospitalized patients every morning.
  • Detailed record of the medical background of the patient and all tests results.

    - Problems analysis per system.

    - Interpretation and evaluation of the tests results.

    - Conclusion and possible diagnosis.

    - Choice of treatment according to international practices.

  • Daily tracking and careful checking on the patients condition, reconsideration of the treatment depending on the disease's progress with update of all relevant data, change or addition of cure methods.

  • Daily informing patients' relatives.
  • Handwritten detailed report is given to all patients during check-out including:

    - Detailed progress of the disease.

    - Detailed description of the laboratory test results.

    - Curing treatment that was applied on the patient during hospitalization and curing treatment to be followed after checking out including time frame.

    - Diet suggestion, according to disease.

    - Handwritten prescription including daily medicine intake diagram.

    - Instructions for rechecks to be scheduled.