6th km of Larisa – Farsala road


The Pathology Clinic of Syghronh Polyclinikh Larisas S.A. is aiming at achieving a well developed and completely operational programme of clinical work, educational facilities and scientific research. The concept of the unit is that all occupied personnel should be able to perform effectively in all the above mentioned axes.

High quality services are provided to both hospitalized and visiting patients, based on the experience and constant knowledge updates of the personnel. High priority and interest is given on research programmes, clinical studies, and ceaseless education of doctors and nurses.

The clinic operates in compliance with top level hospital standards. Conversations and evaluation of each case are taking place daily and instructions are provided to all patients after checking-out to achieve sufficient observation of their medical condition afterwards.

Our unit has a fully equipped laboratory, run by specialized scientific personnel.

Our vision is to build a permanent medical relation with our patients, dependless on their time or place of being, so we can quarantee the protection and precaution of their health condition in the future.

In conclusion, in order to keep all kinds of discomfort away from the escorting persons, we are directly co-operating with EOPPY, not only for the treatments' coverage, but also for free of charge, instant prescription of the neccesary medicine.