6th km of Larisa – Farsala road

Oncology Clinic

The Oncology Unit of SYNCHRONI POLYKLINIKI LARISAS operates in modern facilities to offer personalized medical approach to the patients.


  • Initial assesement of the disease is possible after an appointment between the patient and the scientific director of the Oncology Clinic, Dr. Nikolaos Kentepozidis

  • After all necessary checks are complete, the curing approach of the patient, the steps of the medical treatment and the whole frame of the cure will be defined.

  • Chemoterapies are taking place in single or double-bed rooms, always under surveillance of an oncology specialist.

  • Scientific director of the clinic, Dr. Nikolaos Kentepozidis is supervising each and every step of the treatment of all patients.

  • In case hospitalization is needed, all necessary means of patient's support, medical and nursing personnel and techical equipment is available in 24h basis.

  • Unit's personnel can contact the director of the clinic any time in order to get emerency issues solved immediately.

  • Lifelong tracking on the patient after recovery.