6th km of Larisa – Farsala road

Artificial Kidney Unit

The Artificial Kidney Unit of SYNCHRONI POLYKLINIKI LARISAS operates in modern buildings with the aim to cure patients (visiting or hospitalized) who are suffering from chronic kidney failure and need hemocatharsis.


In this orientation the new Artificial Kidney Unit is suppored by:

  • Excellent nefrologists, highly prestigious and experienced.

  • Specialized nursing staff, with deep knowledge on the procedure of hemocatharsis, but also on the multiple medical, mental and social needs of chronic patients.

  • Cardiologist, experienced on difficulties that kidney failure causes, who is constantly observing our unit's patients.

  • Group of vascular surgeons with significant experience and succesful practice in creating vessel accesses (fistula, implants, central vessel catheters).

  • Dietitian, specialized in special nutrition needs that patients going through a hemocatharsis have.

  • Psycologist, experienced on dealing with chronic patients issues.

In Addition to the above, SYNCHRONI POLYKLINIKI LARISAS with highly trained personnel and edge techology equipment available, supports the Artificial Kidney Unit for every single necessity that may come up, even for emergency cases, by offering:
  • ISO Certified hematological and illustrative labs.

  • All medical specialization doctors in constant availability.

  • Communication network among cooperational hemocatharsis centers in Greece or abroad in order to make probable transportation of patients easier and faster.

Unit Services

The Artificial Kidney Unit of Polyclinikh Larisas is using 16 edge technology machines, which can serve in full operation conditions up to 120 patients at the same time. Specially designed seats, are controlled by electronic control system and they are product of deep studies in order to provide both comfort to the patients and quick treatment of urgent cases. Furthermore, thy do allow fast and easy access to patients with mobility issues and dedicated space for their escorts' stay.

Available to every patient is: 

  • Individual oxygen supply.

  • TV, radio and phone line.

  • Snack or beverage, meal.

During the session, patients are taken care of by the medical and nursing staff of the unit who should assist in any occurring problem.

The Artificial Kidney Unit also has a Yellow Unit for the cure of HBV patients.

At the same time, special care is taken in order to ensure hygiene condition and make hospitalization o patients completely safe by:

  • Sterilization of all the machines after every shift.

  • Daily control and tracking on the system of water processing.