6th km of Larisa – Farsala road



The Artificial Kidney Unit offers complete and specialized care for patients suffering by chronic kidney failure. Our main concern is to provide the highest level of support, in accordance with the most strict specifications and practices.

All modern hemo-catharsis methods and even online hemodialysis are taking place in this unit, aiming at improving not only the patients' quality of life, but also their long lasting hemo-dynamic stability.

Α.Κ.U.'s dynamic includes a total of 16 NIKKISO machines using certified by German and Japanese manufacturers filters and it is daily operational in 4 rotating shifts (morning, afternoon, evening, night). During the overnight shift the patient can physically rest while   going through the treatment, taking this way the opportunity to get back to the normal daily activities just the day after, having already an improved quality of life.

The environment is specially designed and friendly to both patients and relatives, well equipped, air-conditioned and accessible to people dealing with movement disabilities. Patients during a session of hemo catharsis are constantly watched by experienced medical and nursing personnel. Furthermore, all special caution needed to achieve high standards of hygiene conditions is taken, in order to guarantee the patients' safety, through repetitive cleaning of the clinic's areas and sterilization of all tools and equipment after evey single use.

In conclusion, in order to keep all kinds of discomfort away from the escorting persons, we are directly co-operating with EOPPY, not only for the treatments' coverage, but also for free of charge, instant prescription of the neccesary medicine.